If you are too tired of the crowds in Prague and like to be out in the fresh air while seeing some enchanting countryside you might want to consider a hiking trip with my guidance. 

Beroun – Srbsko:  After a short train journey from Prague (about 45min) we will set off along the river Berounka towards Srbsko passing the impressive Tetin Rocks with great views of the rocks as well as the river all along as we stroll. When we get to Srbsko (after about 7km) we can have lunch and take a train back to Prague or stop at Karlstein and visit the castle. Please take a look at “Trips Outside Prague”. 

Walking in Bohemian Paradise: After about an hour´s drive from Prague we find ourselves in what is truly called “Bohemian Paradise”. We will be able admire sandstone rock formations of unusual shapes towering above us as we climb through narrow gorges in between them until we reach an altitude to be able to view them all from above. The length of the hike is about 7 km all together and it is possible to have lunch at the Castle of Hruba Skala before we return to Prague. 

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