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Martina Hinks-Edwards Personal Tour Guide in Prague

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I am Martina Hinks-Edwards (formerly Cermakova) and I’d like to be your personal tour guide to the sights and magical wonders of the medieval city of Prague and the Czech Republic. As a native of Prague I can help you learn more about Prague than you’ll ever get from a guide book. This is my city, my country and my history and I’m eager to share it with you.

Do you want to see one of the largest castles in the world, the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter with its unique medieval cemetery, Bohemian crystal & much more?

No matter how much time you have for your sightseeing I always do my best to make it an informative as well as enjoyable experience for you.  Besides the essential sights such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter with its unique medieval cemetery I always try to show my guests some tucked away places, hidden streets, gardens and courtyards that only a local knows about.

I try to plan my tours in such a way to escape the crowds as much as possible. I know exactly which places are crowded and at what times of the day.

All throughout our tour I’ll explain the history and significance of every stop. I will also talk about more recent times as well as contemporary life here.  I am always open to your questions. My goal is to have well informed, refreshed clients wanting to come back for another tour.

Please note: If you have a problem choosing a tour yourself from the main menu please just contact me and I will help you create an itinerary which suits your interests.

“For those of you that want to fall in love with Prague, Martina is the guide you want to hire.”

Dominique Roy

“Martina is an exceptional tour guide! Her detailed knowledge of local history and architecture is impressive and she listened carefully, matching our three day itinerary to our personal interests and preferences.”

Tony & Rebecca Teague

“One of the best tours I have ever had. ”

Chris Walden

If you’ve enjoyed your tour with me or visited Prague on your own, please share your experiences in the comment section?

Share Your Experiences of PragueMany people like to know what it was like for other people when they visit a foreign city.

I’ve been very lucky and have received some wonderful testimonials but even more would be terrific.

Thanks very much for sharing your love of Prague!